Leaking Taps

Leaking Tap Repair Service in Turramurra


Small Drip, Big Problem

There are some numbers that state that a leaky faucet can waste close to 8,000 litres of water a year if left unattended. That is a lot of water wasted and a lot of money wasted. If you have spotted a drip and have tried to fix the problem but it keeps persisting, call us and we’ll take care of it for you quickly. Our leak service can handle anything from a quick tightening to complete replacements. You can trust Turramurra Plumbing to quickly resolve your plumbing problems and help prevent more from happening.

What Causes Dripping?

More often than not, dripping occurs due to old and deteriorating parts. It could be a washer, fitting or the fixture itself. This can occur in anything that has water running through it: showers, baths, vanities, kitchens, dishwashers, gardens you name it. If you suspect a leak or drip anywhere, give us a call and we’ll find it for you.

▪ Quick and simple money-saving service ▪

Don’t Delay

Every drip that falls is more money down the drain. Don’t let those drips add up. Call Turramurra Plumbing today for a quick money saving solution to your leaking taps.
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